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I had my first appointment at at Shafer orthodontic this afternoon.
The staff was very friendly and welcoming .
Looking forward to a beautiful smile.

Keagan Marie Markun

I was super nervous before my first appointment. When I walked in there was a sign that said, Welcome to the office Lucy. I immediately felt better. They were super nice and gave us lots of good information.

I have never been intimidated by trips to the orthodontist or dentist. I'll bet this is because I've had such a great dentist and orthodontist. Just like my dentist, Dr. Rose, and his helpers, Dr. Shafer and his team have always left stuff like tedium and boredom by the threshold. More than once have I fallen for some joke that Dr. Shafer or one of the others have made, such as when they said that I was going to have to get my braces back on after I got my retainers. What made me believe that one is how they had all the tools and supplies out and ready to put my braces back on! :P
The only reason I didn't look forward to appointments was because braces hurt. . . but that's inevitable. Some other little perks that I enjoyed were getting to choose those little colorful rubber things that they can put on your braces, those challenges/contests that were almost always different every time I went back, and how they set up that spot in that one corner with all the drink mixes, like hot chocolate and lemonade. My sister and I often would make one of those before we left. :D

Dr. Shafer gave me great results and good follow up care even after I got my braces off! I really appreciate his family-friendly manner and environment and would definitely recommend him to my friends!